Hello World and the infamous 30 day blogging challenge


Hello folks,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Vladeta and I’m a Customer Happiness Engineer at Devana Technologies and student of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Mathematical University of Belgrade.

Today I’m starting my first 30 day blogging challenge (starting my first blog in general). I will mostly blog about work, hobbies and science news (mostly related to Astrophysics) that I enjoy.

For my first blog post I’ve prepared some beautiful images of galaxy M51 and M27 that were were observed and made by a team of astrophysics students including myself at the SVAP 2015 practice at the Vidojevica Observatory back in June 2015.

First light M51

First light images are poor quality and are used only to adjust the telescope.

first light m51konacno


M51 or Whirlpool Galaxy

The result after hours of recording, removing bad images and carefully merging the good ones 🙂



by Marko Micic, Rifat Rashed


M27 or Dumbbell Nebula

And one of my favorites 🙂


by Maria Tomasevic, Bane Avramov, Vladeta Putnikovic


See you tomorrow!

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